New LFDA Intern!

My name is Katie Gibson, and I will be the LFDA intern for this summer! I will be transcribing letters and uploading them to .

Randolph Fairfax
Randolph Fairfax

My first week here at Stratford Hall has already taught me a lot about the Lee family from reading their letters.

One of my favorite letters so far is a letter from Robert E. Lee Jr. to his mother, Mary Anna Randolph Custis Lee. He writes to her three days after the Battle of Fredericksburg. In the battle he lost a good friend named Randolph Fairfax, who died from a shell fragment. The two might have known each other as students at the University of Virginia. Robert writes that “he will be a great loss both to his parents friends & to the world.” Randolph, pictured here, was only twenty years old when he died. He is buried in Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia.

Stay tuned for more, and don’t forget to catch this weeks episode of AMC’s Turn: Washington Spies. See if you can pick out which scenes were filmed here at Stratford Hall!